Journalism Archive

  • Medellín: Who's Afraid of Hip-Hop?, Feature, Mar 04, 2013

    Ten young hip-hop activists have been murdered in Medellín's Comuna 13 district since 2009. Such violence against young hip-hoppers demonstrates the lingering contradictions of urban security still present in Colombia's 'miracle' city.

  • Hugo Chávez’s Career Deserves Honest Assessment

    The Progressive, Op-Ed, Jan 21, 2013

    As Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez fights for his life, an honest assessment of his 14 years in office must take into account his significant achievements. ?He shook up the nation’s political system and used the country’s vast oil wealth to improve living standards.

  • Latin America Forgotten in Presidential Race

    The Progressive, Op-Ed, Nov 07, 2012

    The lack of substantive engagement on Latin America is a rare area of bipartisan convergence between the candidates. Candidates Romney and Obama have basically called for more of the same for the region: More free trade agreements and more military aid for fighting the drug trade.

  • 무료 충전 바카라 게임 2019Women Take Reins of Power in Latin America, But Not in U.S.

    The Progressive, Op-Ed, Jan 16, 2011

    The inauguration of Brazil's first female president is a stark reminder that the United States lags far behind its Latin American neighbors in electing women to power.

  • U.S. Policy Toward Colombia Desperately Needs Reassessing

    The Progressive, Op-Ed, Nov 26, 2010

    With Republicans regaining control of the House, the pending U.S.-Colombia free trade accord is now more likely to be approved, as is more U.S. military aid to the government there. Both policies deserve an honest reassessment.

  • Marijuana Legalization Could Ease Mexican Drug War

    The Progressive, Op-Ed, Oct 22, 2010

    Passage on Nov. 2 of California's Proposition 19, which aims to legalize recreational marijuana, could help ease the spiraling violence of Mexico's drug war. An approved Prop 19 gives Mexico the breathing room it needs for a fundamental course correction.