Journalism Archive

  • U.S. Military Looks to Colombia to Replace Base in Ecuador

    Third World Network, News Analysis, Jun 06, 2008

    With the U.S. military's lease on its base in Manta, Ecuador set to expire in 2009, a new report suggests U.S. military operations in South America might have found a perfect new home in central Colombia's Palanquero air base, one of the region's most state-of-the-art military installations.

  • Informal Trash Recyclers Go Global

    NACLA, Feature, Apr 07, 2008

    In poor cities around the world, millions eke out a living by scavenging recyclable materials from the streets that can be exchanged for fractions of a cent. They are at the lowest rung of consumer society, the very rock-bottom of globalization. And they know it. “If we were any poorer, we’d be dead,” said Jorge Eliécer Ospina, a trash recycler in Bogotá, Colombia.

  • 무료 충전 바카라 게임 2019Bush Makes Colombia 'Free Trade' National Security Issue

    NACLA, Op-Ed, Mar 27, 2008

    The Bush administration is attempting to use the recent Andean standoff to ram Colombia's pending "Free Trade Agreement"? (FTA) through Congress.

  • Waste Picker: 21st Century Profession

    New America Media (NAM), News Report, Mar 21, 2008

    Such economic development agencies as the World Bank and some local governments are beginning to recognize trash recyclers as relevant and good service to society as a whole. NAM contributor, Teo Ballvé reports from Bogota, Colombia, where the First World Congress of Waste Pickers conference was recently held.

  • Land Grab Threatens Indigenous Embera

    Colombia Displaced, News Report, Mar 20, 2008

    Twelve years after the Embera were forced to flee, loggers and farmers are now leading a massive land-grab on their traditional territories in northwest Colombia. The group could stand to lose half of their lands.

  • Attack on Peace Community

    Z Magazine, Feature, Feb 13, 2008

    With a return to the hamlet of Mulatos planned for February 21, paramilitaries are once again on the rampage, while the army and police continue abetting the repression—in many cases, as active participants.